Tips from our Certified Moving Consultants:  

Start with a Survey! Set up an in-home survey once you decide you will be moving.  The meeting with your moving consultant sets the foundation for your move.  Make sure to point out everything that will be going. Also, discuss anything that needs to be packed.  The more detailed you are, the more precise we can be!

Book it! About one month before your move date begin speaking to moving companies. You should book your move date as soon as you know it.  If changes occur in your closing(s) you can adjust the move date accordingly.  

Read up! Make sure your mover supplies you with some reading material.  Read about proper packing techniques, insurance options, and items that may not be allowed to move in the truck (see below).

Hold it! According to state laws, certain items are not permitted to be transported in a moving truck. Items such as aerosol spray cans should be disposed of before your move. You can view a full list of non-transportable items

Think Ahead! Pack a box or two of thing that you will need as soon as you move in, such as clothes and a toothbrush.  Have the movers put this box on the truck last this way the items will be accessible when you arrive.

Making Changes: If you add or remove items between the time of the survey and the day of your move notify the moving company right away.  For example, if you hold a yard sale, buy a new painting, or donate old furniture to charity let us know- we can adjust the quote.


Picking the Perfect Mover

Before you decide who will be moving your household goods, make sure you TRUST the company.  Be thorough by asking as many questions as you want.  Here are some questions that may come in handy when you’re choosing your mover: 
-Is the company licensed?

-Do you have a minimum charge/weight for moves?

-Do you offer firm prices? 

-Do you have full-time employees or do you use day labor?
Be careful of companies who use day labor- the men may not be insured or trained.

-What kind of experience do your movers and drivers have?

-Are my items insured during my move/Can I purchase additional insuance?

-What payment options do you offer?

-What is your cancellation policy? Make sure the company has flexibility for you. 

-Is there anything I can do to make the move simpler? 
A good office staff will spend the time going over everything you can do to make things less complicated! 

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